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Cotton Gloves 1 dozen

Quality Cotton Gloves

  • Ribbed backs
  • Washable
  • Reinforced stitching

Marching Band Main Event

"Marching Band Main Event" T-Shirt

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Quick snap inseam
Snap-Hem Marching Band Bib Pants

Snap-Hem Marching Band Bib Pants

All the features of our basic bibbers, but with Unique snap-hem inseam system.

Provides 8” of adjustability for each pant leg and eliminates the need for sewing.

Your band parents will love these as well as the other great upgrades. 

Dinkles Vanguard™  Marching Shoe
The Vanguardâ„¢ Marching Shoe

Dinkles Vanguard™ . The all-leather upper and countertread rubber sole is the standard by which all others are measured